How it Works

At Deflorio Fashion we make the dress creation process relaxing and enjoyable. Our goal is to help you finalize your initial ideas in term of styles and silhouette. Consequently, the gown you envision will become real. In four easy steps a professional fashion team will guide you and assist you in designing and creating your dream dress.

4 Easy steps to create your perfect dress

  • Design
  • Measure
  • Fitting
  • Enjoy

1. Design. Meet the Designer! The private bridal consultation with a fashion expert will help you answer all questions about styles, color, fabrics and silhouette. Our separates and mix and match pieces for example will help you create the perfect silhouette that you love and bring into line your vision. After that, you can have the option to make the top and skirt into a one-piece gown.

Our designer can guide you through endless possibilities and help you create the dress of your dream. Subsequently, your personal stylist will create a tailored sketch and price quote. Our skilled team will do the rest to bring your dream dress to realty!

2. Measure. Once the order is placed, the designer will take your body measurements.  At Deflorio Fashion we believe in the importance of details and perfect fit. Therefore a custom-made pattern, which is designed entirely by hand, is created exclusively for you based on your specific measurements.

3. Fitting. Later, our team will begin to make the dress. The first step is to cut the muslin fabric and sew the blueprint of your gown. After your first fitting our professional tailor will cut the real fabric and continue to work on the design. At the second fitting the dress will fit you perfectly. Meanwhile, countless quality-check steps are required to complete the dress ready for pick up.

4. Enjoy! Your bridal gown came to life! The initial design is now completed and it is time for pick up. Enjoy your exclusive and beautiful wedding dress!

Check out some of our works in progress!